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at 2016.10.12
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ALL Brexit leaders FLEE the sinking ship!

So, I figure this is my last brexit video (for the foreseeable future).

FYI, the brexit bodycount was so high, it was actually quite hard making this video. Every other day there would be a new fatality.
Most recently (the day before putting this up) Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the race for PM, meaning that Therissa May will be the new PM.
Just take that in for a moment, the UK has just had one pro-remain PM step down, only to be replaced by another pro-remain candidate. You would have thought the conservatives would at least have been able to get in a PM who actually voted for Brexit!

Bottom line is I called this from the beginning and got a SHITLOAD of grief for it. First few minutes of my discussion with Sargon, I explained it was all just a very expensive change without a difference. Now all the promises of the brexiters have evaporated. No one is promising more border security, no one is promising more money to the NHS. No one has any idea what will happen next.

Freethinking means you dont always go with the herd!

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