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at 2016.10.13
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Scotland to veto #Brexit POPCORN ON STANDBY!

So brexit won a 17:16 victory. Probably one of the greatest Pyrrhic victories in history!

Oddly however, the PM didnt decide to invoke article 50, that will START the process of withdrawal from the EU. Curiously he decided to wait to get a new PM (which will take ~ 3 months) and then there is ‘no hurry’.

Oddly, none of the brexiters thought this a little weird. Why if you intend to respect the result should you wait 3 months…. maybe years, for invoke the process of leaving the EU?
The period of uncertainty will just screw anyone over trying to make long term plans for investing in the UK.

To make things even funnier, the EU has come straight out said the referendum should be respected and the UK should invoke article 50.

It looks to me like everyone is just hoping that if they leave it for a month or two, something will come out of the woodwork to save them, or it will become so clear to the British ppl that this was a profoundly stupid thing to do that they will want another referendum.

In short, Brexiter, its not even begun until someone invokes article 50. Honestly, I think the UK should sleep in the bed its made, so to that end Ive set up a government petition for you.

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