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EU HANDCUFFS isn’t independence. “The N.W.O is the EU!”

Europe Gets Negative Interest Rates. What Does That Even Mean?…

It means we’ll all have to pay every time we use their banks. You wages get paid into the bank, you pay in, to pay your gas bill. You put money into your saving and you’ll be TAXED, TAXED, TAXED,

Which also means you wont make any money on your savings..

The N.W.O is the EU!

Who would take the rusty dagger of London only to replace it with the shiny new blade of the EU, while claiming their free and independent.

The EU wants a one world government cashless, cultureless society where just waving your countries flag will be deemed to be racist.

While the unelected bankers and bureaucrats write laws to limit your life, free speech and finally microchip everyone like f##### sheep!. While every transaction you make will be taxed. Imagine every time you used your credit card and they taxed you for using it.


Just try and sell your old tv to a friend and you’ll have to pay tax. These people want a cashless society much like they want credit cards to fail so they can move to ID micro chipping the people…. Which has long been their plan.

The EU is a new world order master plan long in the making for a world wide mass depopulation eugenics program. We’re forced feed GMO…, we have Fluoride in the water. Aspartame sweeteners are everywhere, while Chem trails fill the sky’s spewing out of airliners…. Which is all part of the slow kill of the public.

In my day 1 in 50 died of cancer, now its like 1 in 3.

These people believe old sick people should be denied medical care because it costs too much. Much like they believe in forcing people to take vaccines which cause Autism and even the Gardasil HPV Vaccine has caused deathes…

Chapter 7 Justice, Security and Home Affairs IS racist!

Imagine all this unemployment was part of their plan to get everyone on welfare, where your told if you don’t take these vaccines your benefits will be cut.


I believe the SNP Alex Salmon has secretly conspired with London to bring in the bedroom tax where he’s playing the part of the hero to get everyone to vote for him while we further hate the Auld enemy London.

This way the people will vote yes as we walk blindly us into the EU. Then London will say to its people. Aw what the fuck! let us go in and not be on the outside all alone. Scotland’s in after all…

Vote yes but demand and no EU vote Scotland and be truly free. Demand a no #eu vote Scotland…

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