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#43/100 Lager and Oysters
No, not some new fad diet. Although it might be an interesting one, come to think of it.

Just the debris one finds on the average British shoreline in a not-very-good photo.

Now empty oyster shells will, given time and waves, turn back into sand. We’ve been eating oysters for millenia and lobbing the shells willy-nilly without harm to man nor beast.

But the sight of glass bottles and such non-degradeable macro-trash profoundly saddens me.

What kind of person finishes a bottle of second-rate imported beer and thinks to himself (undoubtedly a man), "I know, I’ll lob this into the sea"? A blithering idiot, that is who.

Am I being too prissy and middle-class? This kind of thing is a metaphor for the current Brexit fiasco in my mind. My fundamental feeling about current omnishambles is one of profound disappointment in my fellow Britons.

You could argue about political disconnects between urban elite and the provinces, increasing inequality in society and other societal malcontents. However, it has uncovered an unpleasant side to our national character. The type of small-minded, lager-drinking, antisocial fool who thinks of little but the immediate here and now.

In the words of Winston Churchill, "The biggest argument against democracy is spending 5 minutes with the average voter". Or, less eloquently but more emotively, Sid Vicious, "I’ve met the man on the street. He’s a c**t".
By Rum Bucolic Ape on 2016-05-30 11:12:06

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