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The Brexit Noose Around The Neck Of The NWO

Chalk up foreign policy failure to President Barack Obama’s list of blunders waged on humanity to advance the One World Order goals of Obama’s globalist overlords.Obama’s arrogant lecturing barely works in the United States. What made him think it would work on an entirely different country?

After Obama made his allegiance to the dark side abundantly clear. Alex Massie of The Spectator wrote “The reaction to Barack Obama’s remarks yesterday, in which he suggested that Brexit campaigners were not being wholly straight with the British people ..has been as remarkable as it has been depressing. How dare Obama insult Britain like this! How dare he threaten the British people! Why has Britain allowed itself to be humiliated in this fashion! And who is this guy to talk anyway? He’s just a jumped-up, half-Kenyan, lame-duck President whose record is nothing to celebrate anyway. Ya boo, sucks to be you Barack Hussein Obama. You know nothing.”

Obama’s New World Order bedfellow Prime Minister David Cameron now has his hands full. The Conservatives were reelected in the general election held in May of 2015. Cameron held true to his pledge that if the Conservatives were reelected, the terms of Britain’s EU membership would be renegotiated and a vote on the Brexit would be held. However, Cameron’s renegotiation with EU council President Donald Tusk has been criticized as being nothing less than political theater. Meanwhile, the actors in the globalist stronghold known as the City of London are changing. As the Labour party is projected to possibly lose more seats than it did in 1982 as reported by the Telegraph.

Britain never totally submerged itself into the Bilderberg brainchild’s poison known as the European Union. Britain opted out of the EU monetary policy, the pound is alive and trading nervously as the Brexit vote is favored by 45 percent of voters. Also, Britain doesn’t share open borders like the rest of the EU. Of course, tell that to the 83,000 illegal immigrants claiming asylum in the UK as was reported by the Express recently. As the Brexit winds down to its June 23rd deadline. Expect to see Scotland,Wales, and Northern Ireland demanding their own say in the fate of the EU’s sovereign swallowing hold over the United Kingdom.

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