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The United Kingdom has recently voted to leave the European Union and the news has shocked the world. Some fear that this could have serious repercussion on the British Economy. The British pound dropped 11% in value, a 30 year low, the day the news was announced; and global markets also suffered. Some even fear an economic collapse may result. Right wing parties from other European countries are reconsidering their relationship with the European Union, as well, including Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and France; and Italy is considering dumping the Euro. Some fear it’s only a matter of time before the European Union crumbles.

Many complain that the disadvantages outweigh the benefits of being an EU member. The middle class in economies like Britain haven’t improved much since joining the EU, and the EU’s immigration policy is causing tension in some countries. Muslim Refugees are also an issue.

This is significant in terms of end time Bible prophecy. The Bible indicates, in the book of Daniel 2, that Europe will never be able to remain politically united. Throughout history, many have tried and failed. Moreover, the Bible indicates that we are at the end of the timeline of prophetic history and Jesus Christ is coming soon. Watch this video to learn more!

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