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Brexit, Labour, Immigration & Trident – Paul Mason in conversation

Aaron Bastani talks to journalist and filmmaker Paul Mason on immigration caps, keeping trident and why he ditched mainstream TV journalism to rally behind Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.

Chapter points.

0:00 How bad is Brexit?
3:32 What made you leave the mainstream media?
6:58 What has Corbyn got wrong and what has he got right?
9:30 How can Corbyn and his team survive huge PLP rebellion?
12:27 Is Corbyn really electable?
16:48 Are Corbyn’s policies financially viable in the current climate?
20:48 Why has the media failed to anticipate so many recent political upsets?
24:25 Can you clarify your position on keeping Trident?
28:37 Do you think we should restrict freedom of movement?

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