'Shocked' EU migrants living in the UK launch campaign to hit back at

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'Shocked' EU migrants living in the UK launch campaign to hit back at

The EU nationals along with charities, trade unions and lobbying groups are conducting the cross-party effort to defend EU nationals living in the UK after the country’s historic referendum to leave the bloc.

There are currently an estimated 3.5million EU nationals living in the UK, many of whom moved here before Brexit.

The Prime Minister has hinted that their rights to remain in the country will not be changed by the vote, but Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s proposal – which has been branded “stupid” by critics – to have companies hand in lists of their foreign workers has left many worried about their status.

Father-of-one Ruben de Dios Armesto, who moved from Spain in 2004, told RT: “My partner was in a state of shock for a couple of days.

“She started thinking ‘oh we have to move, we have to’, and I have to keep telling her ‘calm, this is two years, it’s not going to happen for at least two years, so…”

And while he believed EU nations should wait to see what deal is offered to them through the Brexit negotiations, he is also frightened about his little boy’s safety in school.

He added: “Before I travelled without thinking about it, at the moment I go outside where I live which is Whitechapel and I haven’t had any problems whatsoever.

“Now I feel weary, I think I’m scared of someone verbally abusing me or something like that because a couple of friends of mine have been verbally abused before, so I feel a bit weird about that.

“I want to be here, but if I am not welcome what’s the point of being here?”

Mr Dios Armesto now supports Write to Remain campaign, which also counts on the support of politicians like Chuka Umunna and has pledged to press for an “explicit commitment” from the government that EU citizens living in Britain are safe.

In a tweet, the General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress Frances O’Grady posted: “EU citizens living in the UK are our friends, neighbours and workmates. They might be your doctor or your child’s teacher.

“It’s immoral to keep them in limbo and inhumane to treat them as bargaining chips. 

“The public believes they deserve to stay and Brits living on the continent need a guarantee they can stay too. 

“So we call on the prime minister to do the right thing and sign a joint commitment to the right to remain.”

The campaign now seeks to bombard Mrs May with letters asking her to guarantee the right of EU nationals to stay in the UK. 

The Write to Remain movement launched a website on Thursday to help people e-mail the Prime Minister to press her for commitment on the rights of European nationals living in Britain and UK nationals living in the other member states at her first Brussels summit next week.

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