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at 2016.10.15
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Negative reaction to Brexit “wrong,” says analyst Zak Mir

The negative reaction the UK’s decision to leave the EU was “wrong” according to analyst and market commentator Zak Mir.
Mir, founder of @ZaksTradersCafe, expects Brexit to actually have a positive effect on the UK and its economy over the longer term.
“There was a wrong reaction [to Brexit] in the sense that I think leaving the EU will be, over the longer term, a positive for the UK,” Mir tells Proactive.
“There’s less red tape, there’s less bureaucracy and less tax – if Prime Minister May can control not raising taxes.”
Mir adds that, like most of Proactive’s audience, he’s always on the lookout for the “next big thing” amongst the small caps, and he’s got his eyes on a couple of sectors in particular.
“I think oil and gas is still very interesting, I think there’s a lot of good plays in there, and of course the mining stocks which have been revived since the turn of the year.”

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