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Poland: Polish people express concern over Brexit consequences

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As EU leaders meet in Bratislava this Friday WITHOUT Britain, the slow process of discussing the bloc’s post-Brexit future begins. One key question is freedom of movement: Brexiteers want Britain to limit immigration from EU countries – especially from Poland, around three quarters of a million of whose citizens currently live in the UK. But other European leaders say Britain can’t stay in the EU’s single market if it refuses to accept its rules on free movement. The debate puts Poland in an interesting position. Warsaw wants to defend the rights of Poles already living in Britain and has condemned recent xenophobic violence.But it would also very much like to see fewer people leave, and if possible, lure some of the emigrants back. So far, very few Polish emigrants have returned home. That’s one of the reasons leading economists to the conclusion that the net effect of emigration on the economies of Poland – and other source countries in East-Central Europe – is negative.

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