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at 2016.10.17
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One giant finger to we the non eu voters
Anyone else think the EU ring of stars is just a big anus, to which we who where never even given an EU vote are now being f### by!

By the way lets hope Greece pull out of the EU much like all the EU migrant workers who fled Greece with 7 billion euros and left Greece to pick up the mess their in now all alone.

I wonder how much has been already sent out off the UK back to EU countries, or if it was even taxed. Minus the 100 billion we pay into the EU every f#### year while our own people are forced to pay the bedroom tax.

This while Eu workers get NHS, Free school fees, council housing and all the other freebees much like they also got an eu vote.

You wonder why I call David Cameron London government RACIST! for its we who’re being taken for an EU up the arse ride!

#Noeu #noLONDONrule

fair use politics…

By dddoc1965 on 2015-02-12 12:56:00

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