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Steve Hilton: Brexit And Donald Trump Are About Shaking Things Up

Steve Hilton, former senior advisor to former British Prime Minister David Cameron, told Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Network that there is a connection between Brexit and the American Presidential election.

Steve Hilton:
“I think there’s such a strong connection and I think actually it goes to economics in the end. Because I think the central story of this election is the catastrophic economic failure of the ruling elite of both parties, over decades now. To me, the most important statistic that explains so much about this election is one we saw published the other week which is that the median income in America is lower today than in 1999. Well that means in plain English, as you know, is that half of all Americans are earning less today than 17 years ago.”

Lou Dobbs:
“The middle class is shrinking. It has shrunk. It continues to shrink.”

Steve Hilton:
“And you saw that in the Brexit vote where you saw so many people who have been left out from the economic growth that the richest have benefitted from – the benefits of globalization and technology. And they’ve had enough of it. And they see whoever they vote for, nothing really changes, the rich get richer. Literally, the poor get poorer. That’s not a slogan, it’s the facts. And they’ve just had enough and they want someone who will shake things up. That’s what Brexit was about and I think that’s what Trump’s support is about. Imagine the reaction in [Washington] D.C. if Hillary Clinton wins. There will be the most enormous sigh of relief. They’ll have dodged a bullet. All the lobbyists and the insiders and all of those people who have failed so badly will think, ‘Whew, we really don’t need to change.’”

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