triple whammy

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triple whammy

The former Liberal Democrat leader has previously been blasted for admitting he would willingly delay leaving the European Union if it meant keeping access to the single market.

Now the MP has released a new report, suggesting the recent furore over Marmite being taken off Tesco shelves could be just the start of a “triple whammy” of tariffs he claims are set to hit the UK.

Nick Clegg marmiteGETTY – SKY

Nick Clegg said the Marmite scandal was just the beginning

Speaking this morning, he said: “I think the Marmite-gate of last week may turn out to be the tip of the iceberg.

“We’ve been used to, for many, many years now, to not only exporting beef, lamb, cheese you name it, to the rest of Europe but also importing huge amounts from Europe – we’re not self-sufficient as an island nation.”

Clegg says food frices will go upPA

Mr Clegg warned of a “triple whammy” of tariffs on food

Now the report to be published by Mr Clegg and experts claims if Britain does carry out a ‘hard Brexit’ from the EU we will face “very big tariffs”.

Mr Clegg claimed these costs could reach as high as 59 per cent on beef, 40 per cent on New Zealand land, and 30 per cent on chocolate.

He said: “I think we can avoid that if Theresa May were to announce, even as we leave the European Union, we nonetheless remain part of the EU single market.”

There are arguments being muted that claim if Britain comes out of the single market, prices could in fact go down.

Experts have even claimed EU tariffs actually inflate the price of food, particularly if they come in from outside the EU, and a hard Brexit could see a considerable drop in costs for UK shoppers.

But, after denying claims of scaremongering, Mr Clegg warned the EU is “duty bound” to impose tariffs on what the UK exports – while WTO rules means Britain will also have to impose tariffs on imports also.

Nick Clegg speaking in CommonsPA

Clegg has helped to lead a cross-party call for a vote on hard Brexit

Mr Clegg said: “It’s claimed by many Brexiteers that a utopia awaits the moment we leave.

“We are going to leave, but the terms on which we leave are a little more complex than that.”

He added: “This idea that there is a tariff-free Nirvana out there under the WTO simply doesn’t bear scrutiny which is why one of the things I hope the government will be considering is to ignore those siren voices who believe we should go for the hardest of the hard breast but instead go for the best Brexit.

“The best Brexit is yes we leave the European Union but we remain part of the European Union single market.”

Supermarket tillGETTY

Supermarkets could be forced to increase prices following Marmite-gate

The Lib Dems also claim British exporters would also suffer from a “hard Brexit”, with £11 billion of farm produce hit by tariffs of an average 22.3 per cent.

Mr Clegg is helping to lead a cross-party effort to force the Prime Minister to set out her Brexit plans for a parliamentary vote, alongside allies such as former Labour leader Ed Miliband and shadow brexit secretary Keir Starmer.

But he denied it was a plot to derail Brexit altogether, saying he believed the commons would support a “sensible, coherent plan”.

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