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Independence is a state of mind

Take the red pill
Scotland & unleash your potential. Take the Blue pill and live under the rule of London’s matrix.

You”ll be flushing Scotland’s future down the toilet when you Vote NO.


On the 30th of June 2014 the BBC reported “Scotland ‘has modest reserves’ of shale gas and oil.” Then on Wednesday 30th July 2014 the Scotsman reported “SCOTLAND’S Central Belt is sitting on billions of barrels of shale oil and trillions of cubic feet of gas, an official survey has discovered.”

Its long been known the BBC are puppets of London’s rulers. Hell its even said the TV license is nothing more than bribe to stop the bbc investigating the government while turning a blind eye to what their masters tell them. Otherwise the government will privatize the BBC and cut off all those billions we the people ARE FORCED TO PAY FOR, while he BBC spew out lies.

Did you also know Scotland, we pioneered wave power, yet it was the London government who messed with the data and made it look like wave power was shit and not viable. Which prevented Scotland becoming the world leader in wave power technology, preventing us from manufacturing then exporting this green energy to the entire world.

So ask your selves this NO voters?

What else is being hidden or corrupted by this London government and isn’t it possible all the new shale gas and oil is the only reason they what us in their unlawful breach of common and democrat law, 300 year old slave union. While the BBC propaganda machine spews out lies, were all forced to pay for.

By the way those of you who think we’ll stop fracking.
London has a clause where under economic and financial hardship the government will do what the fuck it wants. So all of you thinking we should have sanctions on Russia. Russia who’re already supplying the west with gas. Where will all that gas come from to meet the demands of the UK and the west.

SCOTLAND maybe ? Your gas, Our oil, while the profits flow into the hands of London’s criminal bankers. This while our people face bedroom tax sanctions or are driven into the holocaust ghettos to beg for something to eat from fucking food banks.

Chapter 7 Justice, Security and Home Affairs IS racist!
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