Brexit could be halted after Government admits MPs likely to have final say

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at 2016.10.19
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Brexit could be halted after Government admits MPs likely to have final say

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I now completely understand why Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up parliament and I really don’t fucking care now if this comment lands me in jail, these people are scumbags. The pro-EU fanatics knew if they got a parliament vote in the majority of MPs would vote against Brexit and now they’re going to do it.

Oh I hope I’m wrong, but it looks like they’re going to find yet another way to fuck us all over despite the referendum vote and of course the pound speculators are all going giddy over it and rubbing their hands together at the prospect of the MPs usurping a vote done by the people and the pound is going back up again because they think Article 50 will be stopped.

The MP’s in particular who are planning to go against their own constituents who voted leave are the ones I’m going to be keeping an eye on because some of them have openly said they’d vote against Brexit. The worst part is there are people in this shit hole of a country who actually support this and are trying to claim it’s more ‘democratic’ to have a select few assholes decide things for the rest of the population when the majority wanted to leave and they’re of course dancing around about it.

Fuck parliament, it’s not a democratic system, Direct democracy is.

muh democracy

Another piece of evidence that voting changes nothing. They only respect the vote when it aligns with their pre-established plans.

It’s been evident the whole time that if we voted leave they’d do all they could to change as little as possible if not outright stay in.

I didn’t think even they would be so blatant about it even though it’s obvious they lost, I suppose I should know better by now. I really hope there’s proper outrage over this if the MPs try to screw around then they might be forced to back down, it seems there are even remain voters now who are getting tired of the bullshit coming from the pro-EU fanatics.

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Published at Wed, 19 Oct 2016 14:04:01 +0000

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