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at 2016.10.20
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The Brits vote; the world adjudicates
As Brexit supporters pull out the champagne to celebrate, the sharp jump in gold prices underscores the heightened global economic, social and geo-political risks following Britain (or mostly, England’s) vote to leave the EU.

In times of global turmoil when the public and investors have little confidence on their government, economy, currency, financial system and indeed, on their own fellow countrymen, they turn to gold bullion as the last-resort hard currency or money.

Stock photo from June 2015. No, I do not keep the gold at home.

And the extra large copyright watermark is to prevent (as much as possible) the photo being used illegally by others. Apparently photos of gold bullion is amongst the most stolen photo subject for illegal commercial use.
By Canadian Pacific on 2015-06-06 18:51:11

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