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Families of Iraq war dead will have to pay £767 to read Chilcot report.

Nigerian illegal immigrant benefits cheat is spared jail for her SECOND
fraud conviction and says the £50,000 she falsely claimed was to pay off
people smugglers who got her into Britain.

Disabled Army veteran, 71, forced to move into tent in his garden.

Albanian drug dealing murderer gets citizenship, benefits and a home,
while hardworking families face being expelled.

England will need a new home every SIX MINUTES without Brexit.

12 MILLION Turks say they’ll come to the UK once EU deal is signed.

Kicked out weeks ago, Albanian migrant waiting to sneak back into UK.

Electoral Commission Admits Foreign Nationals Erroneously Given Brexit Vote.

Syrian ‘Refugees’ Caught Plotting Massive Terror Attack in Germany.

The European Commission Wants You To Log Into
Social Media Accounts With Govt-Issued ID Cards
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