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at 2016.10.21
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I decided to visit Belfast a week before the Brexit referendum in order to photograph political posters and maybe get some opinions. I was surprised by the lack of posters and by the number of younger people who said that they were not planning to vote. Older people appeared to be in favour of Brexit … it is not easy to query people in Belfast so my sample was too small to reach any real conclusion about the outcome but I was beginning to believe that the decision would be to leave the EU. Today the 23rd June I believe that they decide to remain.

While photographing at City Hall I was approached by an older gentleman who wanted to know whi I was photographing war memorials as they were a “Load Of Sh**e”. He then went on to explain that he was going to vote in favour of Brexit in order to stop thousands of gays,muslims and blacks coming in from the Republic Of Ireland … at this stage I was really confused. I then asked if he thought that the Brexit side would win and much to my surprise he said “NO, the the whole processed is rigged by the people in Brussels”.
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