Remoaner MPs are trying to sabotage Brexit negotiation

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Remoaner MPs are trying to sabotage Brexit negotiation

Labour MP Hilary BennGETTY

On Wednesday Labour MP Hilary Benn was elected by MPs as chairman of the select committee

Imagine that José Mourinho was told by the FA that he had to hand over his full tactics to the opposition before every game – and that he would not be given the same information from the other team. 

Or imagine that before D-Day Churchill had sent a telegram to Hitler outlining the full plan. You can’t imagine it, can you? Both ideas are self evidently preposterous. 

I say self-evidently but to the Remoaners that is exactly how things should happen. 

They are demanding that prior to the start of any negotiations with the EU we reveal our full hand. 

Our strategy, our red lines, what we would settle for and how we plan to get there should all be revealed to Brussels in advance. 

It is a basic tenet of negotiation that you do not reveal your hand to your negotiating partner. 

When you buy a house you do not make an offer and then include, in brackets, the real upper limit of what you are willing to pay. 

But that is exactly what the Remoaners want the Government to do. 

On Wednesday Labour MP Hilary Benn was elected by MPs as chairman of the select committee that will scrutinise the Department for Exiting the EU. 

In his first interview since his appointment he revealed just how determined he is to destroy our chances of a successful negotiation. 

Labour MP Hilary BennGETTY

Mr Benn is determined to do everything in his power to frustrate the referendum result

He did not put it like that of course: “I am very clear that Parliament will want to have a say, both in scrutinising what the negotiating plan is when it is published and taking a view on it.” 

But the meaning of his words is crystal clear: he wants us to reveal everything before we start negotiations with the rest of the EU. 

He continued: “Parliament is entitled to say to the Government, ‘What are your negotiating objectives?’” 

Quite rightly Chancellor Philip Hammond, said that such behaviour would “spectacularly undermine” the chances of a good deal and Brexit Secretary David Davis told the Commons: “What the Opposition is trying to do is put [us] in a disadvantaged position to the EU. That is not in the national interest.” 

Parliament is entitled to say to the Government

Hilary Benn

It may be pure madness but Mr Benn and his fellow Remoaners are neither mad nor idiots. 

They know exactly that they are doing and precisely how damaging it would be. 

That is the whole point. Mr Benn is a passionate, hardcore EU fanatic who is determined to do everything in his power to frustrate the referendum result. 

And his committee will almost certainly be dominated by similar types. 

It will be made up of 21 MPs: 10 Tories, five Labour, three SNP and one each of the Lib Dem, Green and Democratic Unionist parties. 

Given that most MPs were Remainers, when the party whips appoint the committee members, we can be sure there will be a Remain majority. 

The only issue is how large it will be. 

David Davis outside Downing StreetGETTY

David Davis is the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union

Be clear what Mr Benn and his ilk are up to: they do not want us to leave the EU and that is putting it mildly. 

They will do everything in their power to stop us leaving. 

Some of them, such as veteran Europhile Ken Clarke on BBC One’s Question Time this week, are so openly contemptuous of the British public that they dismiss the referendum as an “opinion poll”. 

But others, like Mr Benn, are cleverer. 

They realise they can’t openly reject the result without being seen to reject democracy itself. 

So they pay lip service to the idea that they want to honour it. 

They say that all they are doing is scrutinising the process by which we will leave. Believe that and you will believe anything. 

Their plan is to do everything possible to ruin any potential deal with the EU – to drive as bad a deal as possible so that they can then re-argue the referendum debate when the deal is done. 

Labour MP Hilary BennGETTY

It may be pure madness but Mr Benn and his fellow Remoaners are neither mad nor idiots

They will say it is a terrible deal, it has been badly handled, it will make us poor, it is a disaster – take your pick. 

And then they will say that it is only right, given how awful life outside the EU will be after the dreadful deal, that we have another vote. 

That is of course exactly how the EU elites have always reacted to defeat. 

They go into full-on scare mode and demand – and then usually get – another vote. 

They are trying the same tactics with us, which is why those tactics have to be exposed for what they really are: contempt for democracy disguised as buttressing it. 

There is a clue to all this in Mr Benn’s words this week, with an apparently innocuous remark about the single market which is actually telling: “There are some very basic questions. ‘What do you want to do to try to ensure we have access to the single market that is so important to our goods and services industries?’” 

You see what he is doing? 

He is referring to the single market as if it is a given that membership of the single market should be the defining characteristic of a Brexit deal. 

First, Brexit really does mean Brexit – which means we leave the EU and its institutions lock, stock and barrel. But more importantly he is using the deeply misleading word “access” to the single market. 

Everyone has access to it. We have access to it as EU members, the US, Africa, China and Japan do. 

Even Cuba and Iran have access to the single market. 

The issue is not whether we have access but on what terms. 

And it is those terms that Mr Benn and his ilk are trying to ruin.

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