Brexit Could Create World's Largest Tobacco Company

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Brexit Could Create World's Largest Tobacco Company

more jobs lost and more money going out of the country due to democrats high taxes.
It wont come back until the democrats are out of office. If they go back in look for more of this.

All the businesses are running away from the democrat party. Soon the US will look just like Detroit where everyone ran away from that democrat controlled city.

For multinationals like BAT that receive most of their profit in foreign currencies, the weak pound means business is booming.

Wow, I’ve forecasted this outcome from the day Brexit won the popular vote in the referendum.

Brexit won = business is booming.

Put simply, you sound like a clueless ideologue. So let’s look at the facts.

“The trade deficit in the United Kingdom widened sharply by £0.9 billion to £5.1 billion in June 2016 from an upwardly revised £4.2 billion in May. It was the biggest deficit since July last year, as exports increased by 2.4 percent while imports increased at a faster 4 percent to a record high of £48.9 billion.Oct 7, 2016”

So let’s look at the facts.


-It was the biggest deficit since July last year.
Wow, the largest summer quarter deficit since, last summer’s quarter…sounds like a seasonal trait.

exports increased by 2.4 percent

As expected (by me). Not surprised by this factoid.

So how much more the should the UK devalue their currency in order to become an export economy because that’s the only way what you’re suggesting is actually going to be beneficial for them.

Those evil global corporations that BREXIT was supposed to teach a lesson have discovered BREXIT is a cash cow. The falling Pound increase the profit of everything they export, making Britain a rainy, warm beer version of China AND the Conservative government has promised to underwrite any tariff costs.

And there will be tariffs. Like Donald J, the BREXITERS promised BS and the English idiots bought it lock, stock and barrel. Those morons actually believed the EU would continue free market access and let Britain limit free movement. Oh yeah, and also supply the welfare programs the Brits were taking.

Remember the “extra” money BREXIT would/would not/maght/maybe/who promised that supply for the NHS? The pro-BREXIT Tories just cut the NHS budget.

how much more the should the UK devalue their currency POSTED BY SNOOFY

Hmmm, you believe that the UK has unmitigated control over the floating exchange mark of their currency?

become an export economy

Exports are already ticking upwards (which should be celebrated by all)! Moneychangers may dislike the new spot price of the £, but blue collar workers likely appreciate the employment effects from an increased demand in UK exports.

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