Brexit talks show cracks in United Kingdom

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Brexit talks show cracks in United Kingdom


>> Between them, they represent the United Kingdom. But what unites them was hard to see at Downing Street at least. The leaders of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland meeting British Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss who wants what from Brexit.>> You know, I’m not going to pretend that we made more progress than we did but I am determined to try to work through this process in good faith.


>> Some people say you got quite feisty in there.>> That would be fair.


And in many ways predictable, while England voted to leave the EU, Scotland voted to remain, and along with Wales, wants a vote on whatever deal is struck. Reuters Westminster correspondent Will James says there could be consequences if they don’t.


>> They have a strong lever in that they could try to hold another independence referendum. We’ve already seen that threat put out there by Nicholas Sturgeon. The London government desperately doesn’t want Scotland to break away. But if by saying, well you’re not gonna get anything in these talks, Scotland then holds another Independence Referendum, legitimately or not, there’ll be huge political ramifications for that.


>> So too when it to comes to Northern Ireland, who fear a hard Brexit could mean a hard border with the Republic of Ireland. Theresa May has promised to listen to the concerns by setting up a new committee but has stressed any deal will be one size fits all.


But as the Welsh First Minister put it on Twitter, if Westminster can’t agree on a position with the three devolved nations, what hope does it have with the EU’s 27?

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