Remoaner Hilary Benn orders Theresa May to give MPs 'MORE power'

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Remoaner Hilary Benn orders Theresa May to give MPs 'MORE power'

It comes after reports of disputes within .

The newly elected chair of Exiting the European Union committee said: “Nobody is asking for a running commentary, but I think it is right and proper that Parliament should first of all have a chance to express a view of what our negotiating objectives are going to be.”

The Labour MP’s comments go directly against the Prime Minister’s calls to keep any progress on Brexit talks secret to help the UK secure the best possible deal with other nations.

Parliament has even been dubbed as unpatriotic for demanding a continual update on Article 50 discussions.

Talking on the Andrew Marr show, Benn said: “We all want the best possible deal for the United Kingdom out of this negotiations and nobody is asking the government to reveal the whole of their negotiating handle, what their tactics are, their red lines are, what their fall back position is, but there are some very very basic questions.

“For example, the biggest challenge we face right now is uncertainty about what the future holds. What is going to be our future trade relationship with the European Union? What objective is the government going to set for that?”

The Remain campaigner said he believed the Government would lay out its position before Article 50 is triggered.

The 62-year-old also claimed Parliament should be given a vote on May’s negotiating objectives – not on Article 50 as it has been touted by some MPs.

He added: “These are two very different things.

“Parliament will want to express their view about the Government’s negotiating plan. That is not the same as having a vote on Article 50.

“It’s very important because there are those who said what Parliament might try and do is to in some way undermine and reverse the referendum decision. That is not, I am sure, what parliament will wish to do.

“It’s certainly not what I wish to do as chair of the new committee because, although I campaigned for remain, I accept the decision of the referendum and we are going to be leaving the European Union.”

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