Fury as Tesco boss demands OPEN BORDERS after Brexit to keep constant flow of cheap labour

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Fury as Tesco boss demands OPEN BORDERS after Brexit to keep constant flow of cheap labour

John Allan revealed his concerns with the Government’s proposed immigration plans after Brexit, arguing that “we don’t just need brain surgeons and architects”.

The business tycoon made an impassioned plea to keep Britain’s borders open after Article 50 is triggered.

He said: “It obviously depends on currency, where the pound settles. If it stays where it is, it is likely.

“But, that it is likely there will be some price increases going forward – I think is very likely.”

The Home Office fired back at the chairman’s claims, stating it was a “priority to regain more control of the numbers of people who come here from Europe” – a sentiment echoed by Downing Street officials.

Independent body Migration Watch also attacked Allan, stating “maybe they should be paying a little more to attract the local workforce”.

Alp Mehmen, chairman of the non-political group, said: “All those who are already here are not going to disappear overnight.”

Leading Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith dubbed Allan’s remarks as “unhelpful and somewhat ill informed”.

He added: “It makes you wonder if he really understands the industries he is buying from.”

The former Work and Pensions Secretary said a new work permit scheme should be implemented so that British workers get the “first crack at these jobs”.

He also cited that 80 per cent of all migration coming from the failing Brussels bloc was made up of low skilled workers and that many of the jobs the Tesco chief mentioned are “seasonal and not 52 week per year jobs”.

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