Leaked recording reveals May's Brexit warning

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Leaked recording reveals May's Brexit warning


>> I’m optimistic about the prospects of this country once we leave the European Union.


But is she really? A leaked recording from a month before the vote tells a different story. The guardian newspaper releasing the tape on Wednesday. In it, Theresa May warns that companies would quit the UK if it voted in favor of Brexit.


She tells a group of bankers that’s a lot of people invest in the UK because it is in Europe.>> These comments have come back to haunt her a little bit.>> Reuter’s Will James says the revelation isn’t surprising as may officially backed the remain campaign. But he says it does create an awkward situation for her.


>> We’ve already seen some of the other political parties coming out and saying.>> She’s being inconsistent, her position is undermined. It will also be interesting to see how it plays out in Europe, where the other European leaders will look to use this apparent divide in what she’s saying to say look, you know that there’s the economic damage here.


And therefore you can say one thing but actually we know what you really think.>> Brexit means brexit.>> May fears criticism from some in the encamp who accused her of giving them a lukewarm backing. Some called her a reluctant remainer. This recording suggests she may really be a reluctant brexiteer.

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