MacBook Pro Prices Are Up In The US, But Brexit Drove Them Even Higher In The

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MacBook Pro Prices Are Up In The US, But Brexit Drove Them Even Higher In The


Apple debuted the new MacBook Pro and in America, prices are a bit steep, set at $2399 for the 15-inch version. But if you’re looking in your wallet and wondering if you can live entirely on ramen for a month, which you can’t, take a moment and be thankful you’re not living in Britain.

British pricing for the MacBook Pro is through the roof, according to the Verge, and in fact, Apple’s store update yesterday boosted prices on Apple products across the board by hundreds of dollars. The Apple Tax, never cheap in the first place, seems to have gotten a massive hike in the United Kingdom. Why? Brexit, of course.

Ever since the Brexit vote surprised the world by going through, Britain’s economy has turned into a black hole not even billionaires can escape. The pound’s decrease is causing problems across the board, but British consumers are feeling it most keenly in their pocketbooks, as the price of everything from household staples to luxuries like the MacBook Pro skyrockets.

It’s not likely to improve, either. An attempt by a coalition of Northern Irish citizens’ rights groups and politicians to shut down Brexit just lost in court, and the pound is more volatile thanks to Brexit headlines. Part of this is just nobody knows where Britain, having jumped off an economic cliff, will actually land. No landing is good, but some are gentler than others. No matter what, though, if Brexit goes through, Apple fans in the UK can expect their stuff to cost much, much more.

(via The Verge)

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