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The attempts of Cameroon government to curb the highly accelerating immigration from the country has been making rounds from quite a some time but the recent changes which are scheduled to hit the laws in 2016 threatens the stay of many EU citizens too.

Immigration has become one of the toughest debates at the international level. There has always been debate over introducing an “Australian-style points system” to bring the brightest of minds into the country. But that would too be a challenge since such a system would somewhere fall short in assessing those who might look forward to work as fruit pickers or hotel receptionists.

Current picture

Most of the sectors of UK labour market has a significant presence of the EU migrants population. The major employers are low-paid sector which includes hotels, restaurants and manufacturing.

As per the data revealed by the research carried out for the Financial Times by Oxford university’s Migration Observatory, a majority of population under question works in hotels and restaurants or are employed on British farms. The study shows that about there are almost 2.2 million EU workers working in UK, comprising of about 6.6 5 of the total workforce. Manufacturing industry seems to be the major employer of the EU workers with an overall of 10 percent of the 3 million workers. A total of 442,000 EU citizens are employed in retail, hotels and restaurants, making up almost 8 per cent of the sector’s 5.7m workforce. Banking and finance has about 360,000 workers from the EU, or about 6.8 per cent of the sector.

The UK economy which has been seen as the flourishing ground for banking and finance industry, currently has about 360,000 workers from the EU, or about 6.8 per cent of the sector on board. Retail, hotels and restaurants are reported to employ a total of 442,000 EU citizens.

Probable outcomes of the new amendments in Immigration policies

As per the new changes in the visa and immigration rules of UK, which is majorly done to put control on the burgeoning immigrant class in the country, about three quarters of the EU migrant population currently employed in UK would fall short to meet the requirements if Britain decides to quit the bloc.

As per the statistics revealed by the research based on the findings of from the Labour Force Survey, which is the largest household survey in the UK and broadly representative of the country’s population, a staggering 81 percent of the migrant population would have to pack their bags and leave the country. The new earning threshold of £30,000 the government plans to introduce for most non-EU workers in April 2017, would make the situation a little more tense. About 94% of the EU workers currently employed in hotels and restaurants while a gruelling 96% of the ones who work on British farms would be forced to leave the job.

If the UK votes for BREXIT, this would substantially alter the UK immigration rules and the its relation with the EU. Any system considering the EU migrants on the basis of skills and pay is expected to be hit considerably and effect the fashion in which these sectors majorly operate in UK as if now.

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