Farage fires back at Blair: Ex-PM's calls to reverse Brexit leaves Ukip chief FURIOUS

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Farage fires back at Blair: Ex-PM's calls to reverse Brexit leaves Ukip chief FURIOUS

The former prime minister sparked outrage on Friday after and calling for Leave voters to change their minds.

Mr Blair, who continually pushed for greater integration with Europe during his time in No 10.

Mr Farage said Mr Blair’s comments were yet another demonstration of the EU’s stubbornness and arrogance.

Speaking on LBC he said: “Now I’ve been involved with this debate for twenty-five year and what I’ve got to tell you that in the European Union, if the people resist reject any aspect of membership… they are made to vote again until they give the right answer or they are simply completely ignored.”

He added: “I remember in my speech saying just what part of the word no don’t you guys understand?

“I feel it’s all happening again, and that Blair genuinely thinks that they can stop us from leaving the European Union but in particular it’s the argument around the single market that interests me.

“Because during the referendum campaign, everybody on my side of the argument and everybody on the other side of the argument said if we vote to leave, we’re leaving the single market and whether you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing actually isn’t relevant.

“I thought it was clear that what we thought what we voted for was perfectly clear, so when I saw Blair coming out with all this yesterday I have to confess I was pretty bloomin’ angry.”

In an article for the New European newspaper, Mr Blair wrote: “The issue is not whether we ignore the will of the people, but whether, as information becomes available, and facts take the place of claims, the ‘will’ of the people shifts.

“Maybe it won’t, in which case people like me will have to accept it.

“But surely we are entitled to try to persuade, to make the argument, and not to be whipped into line to support a decision we genuinely believe is a catastrophe for the country we love.”

He said Remain voters must win the argument that staying in the EU should stay on the table, warning that anger and anxiety about immigration, globalisation, stagnant incomes, housing and squeezed public services will only get worse outside the union with Brussels.

“Right now there is one point and one point only to win: we should keep every option open,” Mr Blair wrote.

“That this should even be contentious speaks loudly about how much those of us – and after all we were 16 million people – who believe Britain’s future lies within the European partnership, have been shoved onto the defensive.”

Following his comments in the New European and in an interview with the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, No 10 was quick to respond to Mr Blair’s shameless calls to undo Brexit.

A spokesman for No 10 said: “Tony Blair is entitled to put his views to whom he so chooses.

“But what’s important is the PM has been absolutely clear – the British people have spoken, we are listening, we’re going to leave the European Union.

“And not only has the PM been clear here but she’s also been clear when she’s met European leaders.

“There will be no second referendum, Britain is leaving the EU.”

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