Trevor Kavanagh: Britain soaring growth figures after Brexit give Blair a right royal beating

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Trevor Kavanagh: Britain soaring growth figures after Brexit give Blair a right royal beating

BRITAIN’S splendid new growth figures – the best in the West – must have felt like a punch in the guts for Tony Blair and his old EU mucker Peter Mandelson.

Then Nissan put the boot in, announcing it will boost spending on its stupendously successful Sunderland plant instead of moving it to France as the Remainers fervently hoped.


Blair must have been feeling gutted as good news for Britain rolled in this week

It was a brilliant week for Britain as good news kept ­rolling in.

But it went down like a cup of cold sick for Project Fear’s discredited scaremongers.

As gloomy Chancellor Philip Hammond keeps saying, this is a long road. There will be plenty of pitfalls and potholes on the way.


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Tony Blair may be sulking as Project Fear threats fail to happen

But every gruesome prediction by Remain alarmists has so far proved wrong.

House prices did not crash. There was no recession. Jobs did not vanish. The stock market failed to collapse.

If any of these hair-raising prospects had come to pass, there would be a cause for genuine alarm.

In fact, the reverse is the case. Even the cheap Pound is good for exports and Treasury revenues.

Sure, some companies are changing investment plans. Some are opening in other EU capitals.

But these are precautionary measures — a drop in the economic ocean. So how could so many “experts” get it so wrong?

 Aussie PM Tony Abbott has repeatedly shelved plans for a gay marriage vote

Ex-Aussie PM Tony Abbott admits he was wrong and denies ‘sulking’

Because Downing Street strong-armed anyone willing to pipe up for Europe — from the Bank of England to the IMF, from Buckingham Palace to the White House.

Fanatical pro-Brussels supporters such as Blair, the CBI, the Financial Times and the BBC needed no encouragement.

But American President Barack Obama and friendly Commonwealth leaders like Australia’s ex-PM Tony Abbott, a well-known free trader, had to be cajoled.

Abbott now cheerfully admits he was wrong: “Unlike most, I’m not sulking because Britons failed to take my advice.

“I’m quietly thrilled the British people have resolved to claim back their country.”

UK economy grows 0.5% in three months after Brexit vote to leave the EU

The Queen, too, was far less agitated over our “Queen Backs Brexit” story than was claimed at the time.

Ex-No10 spin doctor Craig Oliver admits ­palace officials only complained after frantic calls from Downing Street.

Even the World Trade Organisation agrees it was wrong to rank Britain alongside Liberia as a beggar for trade deals.

“Trade will not stop,” says WTO boss Roberto Azevedo. “It will continue. It doesn’t mean we’ll have a vacuum or a ­disruption.”

We will never see Tony Blair eat his words. Europe offers his last deluded hope of a return to political office.

But it would be nice to see George Osborne admit he was talking rubbish.

As for Bank of England ­governor Mark Carney, who seemed about to walk out in a huff, it looks like we’re stuck with him.

As time passes, it looks ever clearer Britain will not simply take what’s dished out by resentful EU leaders.

George Osborne

George Osborne might want to admit he was talking rubbish all along

It will carve its own way to prosperity. Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster made this point vividly.

“Brexit represents the biggest economic opportunity for this country in decades,” she says.

Yes, there will be deals on skilled workers but Britain will not accept mass immigration. We will end up with access to the EU single market, with or without tariffs.

These points were put directly to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin last week by Johan Eliasch, boss of the Dutch sports giant, Head.

Writing in the Sunday Times, Eliasch says Britain will come out in front even if the EU imposes ten per cent tariffs.

Far from a punishment, he says, these would reward Britain with a hefty £12bn a year from goods including German cars and French cheeses — twice as much as we would pay on exports to the EU.

“The numbers don’t lie and it is clear the Germans, at least, understand their implication,” Eliasch says.

Ms Merkel certainly saw his point, telling him: “If we’re all sensible, we’ll come to a sensible solution.”

It’s a pity Tony Blair, George Osborne and ­goggle-eyed Remain ranters like Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan can’t see it that way.

Starmer denies blame

Witch-hunt ... Sir Keir Starmer

Witch-hunt … Sir Keir Starmer

SLIPPERY Labour MP Keir Starmer denies he was to blame as Director of Public Prosecutions for the failed £30million witch-hunt against 21 Sun journalists.

Asked by ITV’s Robert Peston to apologise, “Sir” Keir said: “Most of the prosecutions took place after I ceased to be the DPP, so it wouldn’t be for me.”

This is not so. Starmer quit as DPP in November 2013. By then most of those caught in his net had been charged under an obscure 13th Century conspiracy law – unearthed by Starmer.

Yet as Lord Chief Justice Thomas pointed out, “no crime may have been committed”.

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