Jews on UK High Court Attempting to Cockblock Brexit

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Jews on UK High Court Attempting to Cockblock Brexit

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2016

Earlier today, three drag queens on the pretentious UK High Court managed to sabotage the will of the British people yet again.

The phenomenon of judicial tyranny has become a contemporary staple in Anglo-Saxon plutocracies. The decision making power of the ballot has become nothing more than a novelty governments ignore when votes are inconvenient, whether it’s Proposition 8 in California, or now Brexit. Many communist countries during the Cold War had similar symbolic plebiscites and elections, but at least the 1970’s-80’s USSR wasn’t trying to exterminate its native people unlike the current dying Atlanticist powers.


At least USSR had a little bit of chill. Modern West has a chill level of absolute zero.

The Supreme Court of the United States is known to be almost half Jewish, the United Kingdom is no different. Here are the three individuals electing themselves arbitrators of British destiny.

Daily Express:

It has emerged Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd – the UK’s Lord Chief Justice – was a founding member of the European Law Institute, which says it works towards the “enhancement of European legal integration”.

Baron Thomas, who is the country’s most senior judge, sparked a constitutional crisis this morning when he, alongside (((Sir Terence Etherton))) and (((Lord Justice Sales))), ruled in the High Court the Government cannot trigger Article 50.

The trio, who are all extremely experienced judges, ruled Theresa May must ask Parliament’s permission before the UK can quit the Brussels club despite the result of June’s referendum.

In their judgement the three explained their decision was based on “a pure question of law” and the court was making no statement about the merits of leaving the EU, which they described as a “political issue”.

However, it has since emerged Baron Thomas set up the European Law Institute, which carries out research about EU law, alongside Liberal Democrat MEP Diana Wallis who is now its president.

Eurosceptics reacted with dismay to the ruling at the High Court this morning, brought before judged by former South American model and her financier husband.

Now Brexiteers fear the decision could prove an “appalling” subversion of the will of the British people, following the historic vote on June 23 to quit the EU.

Nigel Farage took to Twitter to express his concerns, saying: “I worry that a betrayal may be near at hand.”

“Predictably, the same people now quoting ‘parliamentary sovereignty’ are the very same people who were happy to give it away for last 40yrs.”

Richard Tice, co-chairman of Brexit pressure group Leave Means Leave, said: “This is disgraceful – 17.4 million people will be furious today.

“Our democracy is being damaged by an elite band of people in the legal system.”

He added: “A vote in Parliament is wholly unnecessary, time-consuming and betrays the democratic will of the people.”

Jews are only 0.5% of the British population, yet two thirds of the forces misappropriating the Judicial branch of the government to stave off a fair and democratic referendum.

As usual, the single Gentile involved Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd is tapped to provide a whipping post for the angry public, despite the fact that his experience working for European Union think-tanks and NGOs are the very definition of a conflict of interest.

The homosexual Jew Terence Etherton and the Jew “Lord” Justice Sales should have recused themselves due to tribal bias.

The lawsuit was mounted by the international finance Jew Alan Miller, who pushed his mulatto wife Gina Miller to provide a face for the case. The Jewish law book, the Talmud, demands Jews always grant special privileges to other Jews in a dispute with Gentiles. Jews always seek to have a plausible alibi, but are never more than one degree away from the scene of the crime.



When David Cameron resigned as British Prime Minister in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, a woman stepped up to shape the country’s future.

But, after a momentous court ruling delivered Thursday, Prime Minister Theresa May has lost some of the control she enjoyed. Instead, a London-based businesswoman and philanthropist has seized the momentum.

Gina Miller is the lead claimant in a historic action that thwarted the UK government’s plans to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty — starting the formal process of Britain leaving the European Union — without a vote in Parliament.

Miller’s victory means that the Brexit process can’t begin until UK lawmakers have had their say — likely adding yet more frustration and delay to a government that has yet to lay out its clear plan for Brexit.

If you’re a superfluous conservative moron reading lots of Breitbart, you’ll interpret this travesty as a “Eurocrat” judge and a Guyanese immigrant making a last ditch effort at overturning popular political consensus. But if you scratch the surface, you’ll find a globalist Jewish speculator in tandem with two Jewish judges running the show in the background.


I don’t believe Brexit is as great as some others think, but it certainly creates more opportunities to steer the United Kingdom back on course than staying in the disastrous European Union. Jews as a few-in-number class clearly prefer exercising tyranny over great swaths of Europe from a single place like Brussels because it’s easier, but while a post-Brexit Britain may have fewer assimilable Poles and Italians, if they pull this off successfully the conservatives will open up the flood gates to the third world “Commonwealth.” Both Jews and capitalism must be crushed, Brexit is only a baby step in the right direction. 

They are in between a rock and a hard place. The first and last solution British patriots must assume: either drive Zion out of Britain, or the indigenous British will cease to exist.

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