Brexit: 'Three Brexiteers' fighting for Britain to leave the EU

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Brexit: 'Three Brexiteers' fighting for Britain to leave the EU

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox and Secretary of State for Exiting the EU David Davis all campaigned in the referendum for Brexit. 

They are united in their belief that breaking free from the struggling EU and its red tape restrictions will liberate the UK to prosper as it strikes its own lucrative trade deals with growing markets round the world. 

While in the EU Britain cannot negotiate its own trade deals as Brussels represents the 28 member states in all such talks. 

The recent near-collapse of the EU’s deal with Canada and the stalling of its TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) talks with America underline, say Brexit backers, how much easier it will be for Britain to make its own deals once no longer at the whim of the EU Commission. 

Mr Johnson is among many who insist it will be in the EU’s “overwhelming interest” to do its own trade deal with Britain because Continental producers sell more to us than we sell to them and will not want to risk losing British sales. 

He also told last month’s Tory conference that a post-Brexit Britain would be ideally placed to re-energise global free trade. 

Dr Fox has thrown himself into his new role with trips and initiatives abroad and at home to encourage British exports and foreign investment into the UK, while rebuilding Britain’s capacity to negotiate deals it has ceded to the EU for 43 years. 

He wants Britain to be confident about its ability to rise to the “golden opportunity” Brexit provides to put itself at “the forefront of global trade”. 

Yesterday he told the Commons it will be “entirely possible” to speed progress by adapting the EU’s existing 36 free trade deals into UK agreements, to ensure “minimal disruption of trade” for British firms when the country finally leaves. 

The Scottish-born Tory also pledged when he visits India next week to seek “major reductions” in the import tariffs that country puts on imported Scotch whisky. 

Mr Davis is on record saying the burdens of EU Single Market regulation have limited Britain.

And he said the benefits of being in its tariff-free union have shrunk dramatically over the decades as new markets emerge around the world, diminishing Europe’s share of trade. 

And last month he forecast that EU leaders’ threats to make Britain “pay a price” for leaving will prove empty because any “punishment strategy” they attempted to impose would, in fact, mainly damage their own.

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