Brexit explained

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Brexit explained

That brings more clarity to it, thank you. I see now I am very misinformed.

You asked if I had a problem with any of the EU’s policies recently. Yes, I do. Call me an asshole, but the immigration policy is complete trash. The people coming to Great Britain were arriving in hordes to ghettos, where the complete destitution of the environment only breeds more ignorance and disdain. Great Britain is not fully capable of taking in these people and producing functional citizens. The same goes for the “refugees”. These people are not going back to their country. If they do, I doubt most of them will leave. The conflict in Syria is not going to end any time soon. In that time, a new generation will have been born under migrant parents in a European setting. They will not be eager to leave for a war-torn country that they know nothing of. Also, I will use Poland as an example, I despise how the EU economically bullied Poland for not wanting to take in a single migrant. Poland belongs to the Polish people and if they decide they don’t want a single immigrant in their country, that’s their decision. Call me an Anti-immigration asshole if you want, i’m not. I have no problem with immigrants. Both of my grandparents are immigrants. They are good people, they learned the language, the customs, and got the jobs to keep afloat. My country, America, was created from immigration. Its growth is due to immigration. So I am not against immigration, but rather against inefficiency.

When I speak of identity, I will use the example of how Merkel has claimed that Islam is a part of the German Identity. It is not. If it does become apart of it, it will not be a part of the German identity, it will be a part of something else, a new culture that will have overtaken the dead or dying German culture. I do not think the German culture is dying, far from it, but Merkel, a notable figure in the EU, made this idiotic remark. She pushed for this current immigration policy that sums up to “Lets just take everything coming our way with no plan on how to deal with it.” along with many others in the EU. This is my problem with the EU. They have just created a severe issue that cannot be solved immediately. Even if the people elect, as you have said, a new Right-Wing EU, it will not be able to do anything about this issue unless they remove the immigrants by force. This is my problem with the EU. One decision from the higher ups carries significant consequences for generations across several countries, whereas if only Germany made this decision to take in this many immigrants, many others would not be affected or at least not threatened with economic desolation if they did not take in the amount the EU wanted.

I hope you understand where I’m coming from. If something does not seem to make sense, I’ll explain it again and try to elaborate or express my meaning with more clarity. Thank you again for informing me about the structure of the EU.

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