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23rd of June 2016 is a historic day for the United Kingdom and the EU. Over 40 million eligible voters go to the polls. They will decide whether the United Kingdom should stay in or leave the EU by marking a cross on their ballot paper. An easy decision? Not at all! There are still many undecided voters. Watch this film and play it loud! Source:

Filming “Brexit and the undecided voter”
By on 2016-06-22 14:09:17

The transcript of the video can be found below for people with a visually disability:

0:23 today the 23rd of june twenty sixteen is a historic day for the united kingdom
0:28 and the European Union over 40 million eligible voters go to the polls they
0:33 will decide whether the United Kingdom should stay in or leave the EU by
0:37 marking across on the ballot paper an easy decision
0:41 not at all there are still many undecided voters here in London
0:45 we’re going to speak to one of them
0:49 problem
0:50 I don’t know how I’m going to vote I’m voting
0:54 on the decision that was made by David Cameron
0:57 and the other EU leaders in Brussels
1:00 I have no saying that I don’t know what’s gonna happen if we vote to leave
1:04 I mean I’m not gonna need a visa to get into the EU knows i just don’t know how
1:10 to vote no idea
1:13 this means so much scaremongering as well um exaggerations from both sides
1:18 I’m ridiculous statements and and also it’s become so heated and not just from
1:24 the politicians but from the general public as well it’s it’s been a been a
1:30 harsh campaign
1:32 I’ve been watching TV news listen to the radio news by in all the newspapers
1:38 everything I’ve been reading so many different science that the right wing
1:42 press the middle ground the left-wing press the so many stories and so much
1:48 bias and I really don’t know which way to go
1:53 I mean in this vote how is it going to affect everyone if
1:59 we vote to leave the EU what is going to happen what’s gonna happen to Britain
2:04 what’s gonna happen to the other member states if we choose to leave
2:08 no one knows and shortly
2:12 everyone should have a say all of Europe should have a say in this not to stop
2:18 regardless of how the British people decide today
2:21 referendums must not trouble people democracy international demands are
2:26 carefree democracy
2:27 transparent decisions that citizens can influence a fair and informative
2:31 campaign clarity of the consequences of the vote
2:35 democracy international demands that all EU citizens can take part in the debate
2:39 and that they have a say
2:41 stand up for a democratic Europe please sign now
2:55 yeah

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