How has Brexit affected marketing recruitment?

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How has Brexit affected marketing recruitment?

There’s no denying the fact that the ‘Leave’ vote in the EU Referendum – now commonly referred to simply as ‘Brexit’ by the media – has transformed certain aspects of the UK economy, notably the exchange rate with the euro and the dollar.

But to what extent has marketing recruitment been affected? Marketing is a discipline that often flourishes in adversity as organisations look to positive PR to help them weather the storm, and the

latest Morgan McKinley Marketing Q3 Recruitment Insights report indicates that this is exactly what is happening.

Financial services organisations are searching for professionals with a background in written communications, including online and offline, and for different audiences, as part of the effort to win

new business, while in the online space specialists in both long-form content and short social media posts are in demand.

In terms of PR recruitment though, the direct hiring process is proving lengthy, as candidates’ past performance, successes and industry knowledge must be properly screened to prove their worth; this applies particularly to those switching from agency roles to in-house PR positions.

Emma Greaves, senior consultant for marketing and sales support at Morgan McKinley, writes:

‘Marketing recruitment has seen a steep rise in job flow over the past quarter with passive candidates becoming more open to exploring new opportunities. After a quiet Q2 with tight budgets and the looming shadow of Brexit, July to September has proved lucrative to both jobseekers and employers.’

Looking ahead to the end of 2016, top marketing talent will remain in demand as hiring managers look to use up remaining annual budgets, while others start to plan their first recruitment for the New Year.

With a focus on technically minded professionals, including writers who are well versed in HTML and content management platforms, standing out in this crowd more than ever requires a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy, to capitalise on the potential Brexit has unleashed for the marketing sector.

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