Surprise?! Only correct Brexit poll predicts VICTORY for…

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at 2016.11.08
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Surprise?! Only correct Brexit poll predicts VICTORY for…

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Today is the day… the results of what may be the most unconventional and unpredictable election cycle this nation has ever seen. As such, there are many of us who question how any poll can accurately predict the outcome of today’s voting. While RealClearPolitics average shows Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton leading in the average of polls by 3.3 points, that is within the margin of error in most cases.

One of the key questions will be who actually turns out to vote; while Democrats traditionally have the ground game advantage, this season it appears the Republicans lead on enthusiasm. And an X-factor that could lead to some surprises tonight is the overwhelming sense of anger in this country that is leading people who’ve never voted before — and likely are not included in polls — to go out and cast their vote.

Might we possibly have a “Trexit” on our hands? Turns out, the one poll who correctly predicted the results of Britain’s Brexit vote thinks we will.

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