Theresa May 'DOES have the mandate to carry out a hard Brexit'

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at 2016.11.08
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Theresa May 'DOES have the mandate to carry out a hard Brexit'

Ameet Gill said it was “weird” that both Labour and Liberal Democrats politicians were moaning that Mrs May does not have the mandate to carry out a hard Brexit and remove Britain from the EU.

He said: “I remember in the campaign, the most significant moment of the campaign that we saw on the Remain side was in mid-April when Michael [Gove] made that speech saying we’re going to leave the single market.

“Now, we spent the next three months trying to hang that round Leave’s neck. We went round saying, ‘Look, a vote to leave is a vote to leave the single market.’

He told Politico: “So I do find it a bit weird with some politicians coming now saying that was never on the ballot paper.”

Brexit campaigner Paul Stephenson, who started a political strategy firm with Gill in the aftermath of the referendum, predicts the Tory leader will carry out a hard Brexit and remove Britain from the single market.

Mr Stephenson said: “Markets are now starting to understand that fundamentally the reason the referendum was called in the first place was a political decision, not an economic one.

“Economically this is a very important event, but economics won’t necessarily be the primary driver of what is the deal.”

The political strategists both agreed that Brexit represents a golden opportunity for Mrs May to establish a political legacy for herself and the Tory party in the wake of June’s referendum.

He added: “It’s our belief that Theresa May sees a big opportunity, rightly, to connect with a whole bunch of people who haven’t voted Tory for years, or in the Leave case, a whole bunch of people who have never, ever voted because they felt their vote didn’t matter.

“That’s why the key message she’s taken away is one of the need to control immigration and, particularly, the need to focus on the people who are struggling to get by.”

Labour’s Brexit spokesman, Sir Keir Starmer, has slammed the Tories proposed withdrawal from the single market.

Mr Starmer said: “There was only one question on the ballot paper — whether you wanted to vote to stay or to go.”

“The Conservative Party manifesto said nothing about the terms of exit if the vote was to leave. Absolutely nothing.”

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