‘It’s Brexit’ Says Domingo Garcia On Polls Being Wrong On Trump

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'It's Brexit' Says Domingo Garcia On Polls Being Wrong On Trump

‘It’s Brexit’ Says Domingo Garcia On Polls Being Wrong On TrumpGarcia says the polls undercounted Trump supporters in the Midwest.

For the visually disabled here is a transcript of the video:
0:00 got a Donald Trump headquarters in New
0:02 York and let’s take a look
0:03 you can hear people cheering they’re
0:04 obviously they’re playing the national
0:07 news i would imagine Fox is playing
0:10 there at the New York Hilton where
0:13 Donald Trump is going to be speaking a
0:15 little later but people obviously very
0:17 excited you’re wearing their make
0:19 America great again hats and then a very
0:21 different picture in midtown Manhattan
0:24 is jacob javits convention center where
0:27 Hillary Clinton is going to be speaking
0:28 very subdued as people there
0:31 watch the results come in i guess
0:34 they’re probably pretty stunned about
0:37 the way this map is shaping up bright
0:39 nobody predicted it so it is brexit yes
0:43 yeah boys let’s talk about that the
0:45 under are counted Trump’s support
0:48 especially there in the Midwest and I
0:51 think that that’s gonna be the story
0:55 tomorrow that the polls again we wrong
0:57 those they are the big losers that the
1:01 pollsters yes but again we go back to
1:03 what we discussed earlier if people
1:06 didn’t want to tell the pollsters who
1:09 they’re voting for didn’t want to maybe
1:11 talk about it right
1:13 I mean how r SS Turkish intelligence is
1:15 interesting because when you do the
1:17 online polling where people’s identity
1:20 you know whatever you don’t want honest
1:22 absolutely and you got a completely
1:25 different aspects that maybe polling
1:27 will maybe they should go and do some
1:30 more online polling right because a lot
1:32 of times we look at online polls we can
1:34 I reject they do but maybe now in the
1:37 way we are going today is the society
1:39 maybe that would be more accurate i
1:41 don’t know

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