World Sees Brexit Echoes In Donald Trump Support

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at 2016.11.09
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Howard Fineman, global editorial director of Huffington Post, talks about the international reaction to the developing election results in the United States and the perception that a rejection of globalization is part of Donald Trump’s support.

World Sees Brexit Echoes In Donald Trump Support | MSNBC

Published at Wed, 09 Nov 2016 02:46:05 +0000

For the visually disabled people here is a transcript of the video available:
0:00 and howard fineman has been talking to
0:02 the Clinton camp here in New York and
0:05 let us know that he has some reporting
0:08 on that front Howard yeah that the Bryon
0:10 earlier today and in just a few hours
0:13 ago the people were saying that they
0:16 expected to win Florida by five points
0:18 that was the internal talk that’s
0:21 obviously not happening and you know my
0:24 role at HuffPost is is to cover politics
0:27 but also to help run our international
0:29 editions we have 16 of them and around
0:31 the world people have been looking at us
0:34 in American saying is this brexit is
0:37 this breaks it again that is the British
0:39 vote that surprised everybody in the
0:40 establishment in in the UK about about
0:44 leaving the EU and you’ve got to say
0:46 based on what we’ve seen so far that
0:48 this is a gigantic shout from non-global
0:53 America non globalist America to use
0:56 that term of know they’re saying no and
1:00 Donald Trump whether he wins or loses
1:03 accurately channeled that anger and that
1:08 giant shout of know about the global
1:10 economy about the knowledge economy and
1:12 so forth in Florida is a way you’re
1:14 seeing it in the fact that Virginia is
1:16 as close as is right now is not a good
1:18 sign for the Clinton camp howard fineman
1:21 here in New York thank you for that
1:22 there are chris hayes from MSNBC thanks
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