5 Reasons why the UK chose Brexit

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at 2016.11.20
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A few months ago, the UK made a historical decision to step away from the European Union, something that was and still is unprecedented in the modern history. But why did the UK choose Brexit and how does this affect both the UK and Europe? Let’s find out!

A large wave of immigrants – Reason 1 why the UK chose Brexit

This was one of the main reasons why the UK went with the Brexit approach. The reason is easy to understand, ever since the last wave of countries entered the EU, most of the states in the UK had to deal with massive immigration numbers. As a result, this did bring in quite a bit of problems for the UK in the form of higher unemployment rates for locals. So, it’s easy to see why some people wanted to keep the UK away from immigrants.

A bad EU economy – Reason 2 why the UK chose Brexit

While the UK economy is getting better and better, the EU economy is either stagnant or it gets worse. Plus, there are massive discrepancies between the countries which form then EU. This means lots of people considered Brexit as a good way to stay away from the EU and its economic problems as the UK tries to recover from its own set of problems.

The rise of nationalism – Reason 3 why the UK chose Brexit

There’s a large amount of distrust in regards to defense, trade and financial organizations that were created after WWII. The IMF, NATO and EU are a very good example here. Many believe that the institutions don’t really have any purpose, especially since these organizations tend to take control over the individual nations. Plus, the EU is depriving some of the individual nations of their power, all while trying to retain their nationality. It’s one of the main reasons why many UK residents chose to be pro Brexit.

Political struggle – Reason 4 why the UK chose Brexit

Some people found Brexit to be one of the best way of dealing with the political struggle in the country. Instead of dealing with external pressure and trying to find leaders that are working closely with the EU, people focused more on the needs of their own country. That’s why they rejected both the Labour and Conservative parties.

Billions are gifted to the EU each year – Reason 5 why the UK chose Brexit

The net contribution that comes from the UK and goes directly to the EU is around 8.5 billion pounds each year or close to 23 million per day. This type of cash isn’t exactly coming back in full amount, which is why lots of people are more than ok with the idea of leaving EU. This way, at least the UK has an opportunity to handle that money at their own leisure.

Conclusion – Reasons why the UK chose Brexit

These are some of the main reasons why the UK chose Brexit to begin with. While Brexit did come with some financial issues for the country, it did provide some interesting solutions as well. With its help, the UK might be able to recover from financial struggle and it might even have the ability to properly deal with the politics-related issues. The future can be bright for the UK, if Brexit is performed and managed properly!

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