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London Mayor: “We are still going to be part of the European family”
“Even though we may leave the European Union, we are not leaving Europe,” said London Mayor Sadiq Khan visiting the Parliament on 28 March. “For issues from security and defence to finance and culture, we are still going to be a part of the European family.” Khan met Parliament President Antonio Tajani to discuss issues such as security and Brexit. “It’s in nobody’s interest for London or the UK to be punished,” said Khan. “Not in London’s interest, not the UK’s interest, nor the EU’s interest.”

The meeting was followed by a brief press conference. On behalf of the Parliament Tajani expressed sympathy with all those affected by the terrorist attack in London on 22 March: “The attack is a tragic reminder that we must work more closely than ever to fight terrorism and prevent radicalisation.”

Saying he had a good meeting with Khan, Tajani added: “On Saturday, while we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, thousands of citizens showed their support for the European Union in the streets of London. This showed us that London is truly open and multicultural and a real European city. It should make us proud.”

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